8 Reasons Why I Hate Thailand

Thailand also has an ugly side

(Update: If you are going to comment on this article, please fully read it first. All vulgar responses will be deleted as spam. There is a lot of sarcasm in this post intentionally. It might also be helpful if you read my other posts about Thailand before jumping to conclusions)

Thailand is a dream destination for many people around the world. Although it has many dreamy qualities, it has an ugly side too. Here are just a few of my experiences in Thailand which have caused me to develop a love/hate relationship with this country. However, to be fair, I have way more love for Thailand than hatred (So, before reading this post, you might want to check out my 8 post series: 8 Reasons Why I Love Thailand )

Thailand also has an ugly side

1) On the 1st day, we almost got sucked into the seedy side of Bangkok in a similar fashion as The Hangover 2, but it could have turned out much worse because we are females & didn’t have trusty problem solver Bradley Cooper on our side. All of which occurred while we were simply trying to be friendly with the locals.

A Thai local who tried to drag us to the seedier side of Bangkok

2) On the 1st day, we did get sucked into the full-moon “trains are full scam” & were charged 3 times the going rate for the bus. ($40+ USD per person for 1 way to Koh Samui is likely unprecedented and they most assuredly had a banquet in our honor later the same evening)

3) On my 3rd day, we discovered several fellow passengers were “separated” from their belongings on that same bus through an inside job.

4) The sheep herder mentality of the tourism industry in Thailand is one of the worst I’ve experienced. (Although, to be fair, I have experienced worse) Once on a Thai bus or van, you seemingly become their “property.” Several times, I felt like a victim in a human smuggling ring. Although the drivers all spoke English well enough, they neither explain nor comfort you whatsoever along the journey. On one occasion, we were dropped off at a house in the middle of nowhere for our “connection” and simply told to wait indefinitely. In Phuket, a group of us were abandoned at a remote police station to fend for ourselves in finding a taxi in the middle of the night. (Thankfully the police were awake and made some phone calls arranging taxis for us)

Typical Thai Bus (aka Sheep Herder Bus)

5) When asking for a specific bank’s closest ATM machine, I was told it was a few blocks away and would cost 100 Baht on a motorbike (=3.3 USD). First, a dollar a block is outrageous in a taxi, let alone a tuk tuk. Thus, 100 Baht is a rip-off for a ride on the back of a motorbike. So, I smiled & told the guy “I’m not stupid.” A half block of walking later, I see the ATM for the bank I asked for at the end of the same block on which we were standing. (mind you, I showed them an old ATM receipt with the bank logo – one of the most common banks in Thailand. Thus, no confusion could be had on their part)

6) I have spent a lot of time at BKK airport in the past few months (like 60 hrs 2 minutes & 35 seconds give or take a few hours/minutes/seconds). Last time, I was approached by 4 men who seemed friendly enough. Within minutes, they were trying to persuade me to ditch my plans of volunteering in Cambodia to join them in Pattaya as if I were a prostitute. And, a very nice Thai lady wanted to take me home with her so I wouldn’t have to wait at the airport until 10am. (could have been innocent enough on her part, but still an awkwardly random experience for me)

7) Phuket deserves special mention:

a) At Patong beach, we almost got sucked into the Absolute Hotel scratch card scam, but thank goodness for Google on that one.

b) You literally cannot walk down Bangla Road in Patong without being accosted by the guys showing nudie cards of ping-pong shows & various other sexual performances available. We tried to avoid running into them several times, but to no avail. (Khao San Rd in Bangkok can’t even compete with Bangla Rd in this regard)

c) Per capita, I truly believe Patong is more overtly sexualized than bangkok. At least there are some tourist activities in Bangkok, such as the royal palace or floating markets.

d) Lastly, to Patong’s detriment, there appear to be more visible elderly male expats who’ve set up business for the wrong reasons if you know what I mean. Or, more elderly white men hanging around solo for “no particular reason.”

(So, literally I say fuck Patong beach on Phuket. I’ll sail from your ports, but will not support your economic growth (unless the ferries are harbored due to the weather of course))

e) This list doesn’t even take into account a random shooting incident we witnessed on Nai Thon beach which drove us away and down to Patong to begin with. (an entire post will likely be devoted to that someday since Linda’s not-so-ninja-like evasion moves still cause us to bust a gut)

Phi Phi’s beautiful longtail boats & beaches

8) So, on to my beloved Phi Phi & why I hate thee too at times:

a) They collect 20 baht at the pier to keep Phi Phi “Sparkling Clean,” but there are no public garbage receptacles to be found anywhere on the island, let alone on it’s idyllic beaches. I’d gladly give double or more if I knew it was being put to such actual use. (when local businesses host clean-up events with their own time, energy & money, obviously the coin is missing the wishing well somewhere)

Sign @ Phi Phi’s Pier – Good Intentions or Misleading?

b) Buckets – The club culture/tourism on Phi Phi is destroying not only the ecosystem, but also the vibe.

c) Sadly, Phi Phi is overbuilt, overpopulated & overtaxed environmentally. Even more sad is the fact it appears many local residents are more concerned with the instant gratification the island is currently receiving in tourist dollars. They do not seem concerned about sustaining the environmental balance of a world renowned and geographically astounding tourist destination, let alone their children’s future.

Blue View Divers arranged a clean-up in August of this debris and the rest of Loh Dalum Bay

d) The sheer number of men (and probably women) literally pissing in the ocean each night at the beach clubs is definitely cause for concern. At any given time, one might see 10-15 guys peeing at once into the “waters” on Loh Dalum bay, with no respect for tides, sanitation or the unrecovered tsunami victims they may be pissing on.

Phi Phi’s de facto trash pit at an abandoned building

(Disclaimer: I have spent about 70 days in Thailand at the time of publishing this post, and 3 months total. However, sometimes when I hate something so much I have to go back & try again (which also explains some of my failed relationships) ‘Tis the nature of a perfectionist to leave no stone unturned. Regardless, I do love Thailand for many reasons as well and have started an 8 post series: 8 Reasons Why I Love Thailand. My current love/hate relationship)

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  1. Nice post Jenneil! I’m glad to see that you’re writing about your travels :-). Bummer about these things in Thailand — I hate that locals try to take advantage of tourists, but in the same respect, I understand why they do it. Looking forward to the more positive side!


  2. Thanks a lot.. that made me cry. i’m 13 years old .i’m from Thailand sometimes it is just hurtful to see these comments about my country especially when i’m studying overseas away from home and i start searching about my own country because i miss it, seeing these post especially using strong term “why i HATE Thailand” just made my day a lot worse.. i’m studying in a European country at the moment and yes i must admit that Thailand has some racist sides but here in my school people are incredibly racist towards Asians too for easy example of lining up for something i always get told to go at the back as i’ve been told because im asian.. so im just saying that it’s kinda hurtful seeing these comments. I think if people look closely enough every single country,tribes and towns has some racism in it.I know you might not want to go back to Thailand but if you ever do we will always welcome you (: Smiles and Greetings from a Thai girl.

    1. I am really sorry I have offended so many readers… I guess I was not clear enough in how much I love Thailand and the Thai people that the things I witnessed and experienced angered me. I believe the responsibility lies mostly with the tourists and as such was hoping my post would educate future tourists so they would not engage in the behaviors which we can avoid.

      I guess this post was too powerful unless you really know me as an individual. I am a very passionate person when it comes to injustice and what I see happening to Thai’s and Thailand is unjust in my eyes. As a tourist, I felt responsible for contributing to some of it by bargaining for budget accommodations, etc. As I said in another response, it’s apparent I should have posted my 8 post series on the 8 reasons I love Thailand first. I have 8 different posts dedicated to why I love Thailand lined up, but have published only one of them so far.

      1. No, don’t apologize. You have every right to make the comments you made. This thirteen is full of it. She was told to go to the back of the line because she was asian. please. That is a lie. Western countries, and I mean white people, are the most accepting and fair people on the planet at the moment. If the truth hurts for this girl then she should go home and tell everyone to stop treating you that way. I’m so tired of white people apologizing and other races being complete hypocrites. She should be apologizing for the way YOU were offended!

    2. Don’t worry about what other people say. If it’s not their own country they are always going to have something bad to say. I am also Thai but born in the UK. I have only visited Thailand a few times myself really, but I do think Thailand is my country and I love it.
      Like you said, if you look closely at every country, they will all have their bad points. But I believe Thailand is better than some for example China. Where they walk past children bleeding on the street. I love Thailand for the fact that we do have humanity and we are very polite and have manners.
      Ofcourse there are poor parts that are not so educated and have been bought up well, but our tradition is manners, politeness, doing good to other people.
      When a foreigner goes to Thailand, they complain about scamming, not being about to communicate, dirty, all that stuff.
      When a traditional Thai person visits European countries they probably complain about how girls are sluts, exposing themselves. (even tho Thailand is fast turning into that, which is why I said traditional Thai) but I think Thailand is turning into that because of the Europeans. There is always going to be hate.
      I wonder if the author has visited China, or Korea before? She might not see Thailand as so bad? I dunno, but we always gotta stand up for our own country.

    3. I think she loves Thailand, she just wrote the bad stuff from the tourist perspective.
      I am English, and can honestly say, out of thirty countries I have visited, Thailand has the most perfect manners and the best food. It has great weather, though a little hot sometimes, and of course, even the street food is delicious. There are good bars and the drink,unlike China,is real not fake.

      So I recommend Thailand. I spent five years in China and seven in Indonesia and you guys are unbelievably great!

    4. It’s not about racism. It’s about the thais being such opportunistic people. I hate thailand too. Dont apologize, jennell, your post is excellent and will help future tourists.

  3. I disliked Thailand for the same reasons. I only spent a couple of weeks there (part of a backpacking trip in SE Asia and Australia) but I noticed way too many scams and issues.

    I backpacked in a bunch of countries all around the world and never had much problems. But I found Thai just blasé with tourism. I can’t blame them too much either, there are some seedy tourists…

    My best memories were in Southern Thailand, by the border with Malaysia.

    1. Nah, we just have a horrible democratic system and people use “striking” as an excuse to skip work for a day. The current government supports corruption and has a capability of a retarded turtle with 2 lost limbs and a very bad sense of humor.

  4. Im amazed that you hate Thailand so much. The above reasons seem pretty flimsy to me and you are judging a whole country which is pretty large on Phi Phi, Phuket and Bangkok which are the most touisty areas. If you really want a genuine reason to moan about a country, filth, people trying to skank you, general hatred for westerners (Thai people are really friendly and like foreigners and are very welcoming) then i suggest you take a trip to Vietnam! Wake up and smell the coffee and get a grip!

    1. On this past trip, I spent 3 months in Thailand, 2 months in Cambodia and a week in Vietnam, in addition to India, Spain, South America, Mexico. I really hope you would give the post another read and realize I have so much love for Thailand (Hence I spent 3 months there) that I felt it was important to educate travelers on the reality of the places they visit. I would hope that my emphasis on the abundance of trash and the sex trade business would discourage them from partaking in such behavior.

      I am not sure how you missed the fact I love Thailand considering the first sentence reads: “Thailand is a dream destination for many people around the world. Although it has many dreamy qualities, it has an ugly side too. Here are just a few of my experiences in Thailand which have caused me to develop a love/hate relationship with this country.”

      Also, I have an 8 post series called 8 Reasons I love Thailand. The first of which you can see was posted 3 days after this one. I have since become busy upon returning to the States that I have not completed the 7 other posts… Maybe I should have written that series first and then this one wouldn’t have sounded so harsh.

  5. Yes… Some thing in thai is bad but something in thai is Great ^ ^”
    Some body in thailand like to add more money form normally

    But i still love thailand becasue
    I love smilly of people

    1. where smile people you…..in pattaya in Phuket where ……you must see Bang Kapi ,Udom Suk maybe you will change your idea…

      1. Town in Town, I suggest?
        Udom suksa? Actually this is school name:D

        I’m Thai and What she said about Thailand is true. The individual Thais alway find the way to cheat, scam, etc
        But do you believe it or not even me Still got the same expirience as yours. But it’s not that bad.
        1. I was in Finland in March-June 2008 I got 2 Russians kid in Vaasa. You can search for the news
        Finland? How could it be
        2. Thus, you live in western life style which it make you completely different in every ways such as the way you look to ward people. What happen to you is same as some Europeans guy who look at us and say ni hao ching chang chong! Umm… I’m not Chinese. Or some guys on the internet said “can you speak better English?” can he speak Thai?
        3. We show the respect and friendly toward the other people by smile to them. But some foreigner don’t like this as they feel like stupid
        4. The girl that you show in the picture is the example of how scam people look like. Remember this. Only guys who want something from you will give you a hand! Why??
        My thought is if you don’t come to ask me for help , that’s mean You know what to do or where to go already. And I never go to Pattaya, Phuket, Pat pong, anywhere that full with pink neon and Bar,
        Nightclub etc.
        Lastly our system is completely fail our government grow bad habits into worker class which they are 70% of us
        Easy way to prevent them.
        If you see someone who doesn’t look like who have well education but they can speak English stay away from them. Do not trust anyone who come to you and asking you for helping you in anything.
        And the last Tourists spots = more scam. If you need more informations you can contact me by E-mail Aerialspiritual@windowslive.com
        I’m willing to make my country have the better look. Not country of whore and scammer as today

        1. Thanks for your feedback. I will definitely go back to Thailand soon. Actually, it will likely be one of the first places I go outside the US. I have many friends there (Thai and expat) and can’t wait to get back to see them.

  6. البعض وليس الكل يستغل السائح والبعض يعامل السايح معامله سيئه وهذا التصرف والمعامله سوف تؤثر على السياحه في تايلند ولذلك يجب على القائمين على السياحه مراجعة بعض الامور ودارسة الاراء والمقترحات والمصاعب والمشاكل ووضع الحلول لها اما الجانب الاخر فهو السائح يجب ان يحترم عادات اهل البلد ويحترم شعب هذا البلد ويحافظ على هدوءه ويتجنب الاماكن المشبوهه ويتقف نفسه سباحبا

  7. I am also thai and as bad as it may feel i do agree with the things you have said and you have every right to be mad. I never liked how thai people over charge prices or take advantages of foreigners regardless of the reason. Thailand is an industrial country and is still developing, uncivilized people are a given and will do anything for money, just as much as you despise them the locals do too. There are many things I want to be changed in thailand to make it internationally recognized as the so claimed “Land of smiles”. What i am basically saying is that while you are dissatisfied by your trip, i want you to know that thailand is still developing so flaws are rather normal. There is always at least a few rotten apples on an apple tree, and following the analogy in the same regard, there are places that are more pleasing to go. I really hope you’d give my country a second chance in the future, and hope you fully enjoy it next time :)

  8. Having lived in Thailand for quite a few years I can completely relate to this post. For sure there are many things that are good about Thailand but the bad are what made me pack up and go back to Australia.

    What clinched the deal was when my wife who is also Australian had a baby. It is one thing to travel and live here as a couple with no kids but when we had to reflect on the responsibilities of parenthood it became very clear that Thailand had too many factors working against it. This holds particularly true for foreigners I feel but in light of the 2010 “riots” in Bangkok and how many Thais themselves feel I have seen an undercurrent of dissent in the country that is very strong.

    Foreigners and tourists don’t have rights in Thailand where as a traveler in Australia you still do. You are allowed to have a say, you will be represented if an Australian does an injustice to you. For sure there are racists in Australia but there is an overall awareness that racism is wrong and shame is put on people who are racist, where as in Thailand it is accepted as normal and even encouraged.

    As an Asian Australian I have experienced racism in Australia, Asia and many other countries and Thailand certainly isn’t the worst of these countries for it but as far as conscious awareness, compassion and care for the fellow human being Thailand is fairly low on my list.

    Before compassion and care, Thailand values face – looking good, better or of higher status than others. This craving for face directly contradicts the basic principles of Buddhism – which is the Spiritual philosophy that Thailand claims to hold to. This illustrates to me a very basic level of dishonesty and lack of integrity that makes it very difficult to live here long term and/or to cultivate true and good friendships.

  9. I see…I’m Thai
    I know we not perfect, but I think
    Sometime…everywhere not good enough ,Thailand too.

    Thank for travel in Thailand.

    Really Thank Naka

  10. I understand that disparity always comes out whenever we’re talking about traveling experiences. I’m an Indonesian and I just traveled around some South East Asian countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand). Sad but true, due to my travel experiences , I single out Thailand as the only country that gave me the worst experiences. It’s kinda funny coz other SEA countries are usually more generous to asian people , especially becoz we’re in the same region. But I notice that Thai people are quite more generous to western people. Being hassled and ripped off so many times in Thailand have made my travel experience was even worse. Once I heard from one of my Thai friends that some Thai merchants are told to give a heartwarming treatment to western people becos they bring lots of money when they travel while asian people are penny-pitchers so they don’t need to treat us equally coz asian people are not gonna spend too much money there. I’m not giving a bad judgment about Thai people as I believe that not all Thai people have that horrendous attitude. I’m just writing down about my travel experience to reflect upon. Anyway, there are lots of things to see in Thailand which attract tourists, nevertheless I will only go to Thailand again whenever a business trip takes me there, not for pleasure. I’m really traumatized with how Thai people treat me.

  11. I know…I know

    Like in many posts, I’m from Thailand too.

    I understand how people feel when they visit Thailand and see many scams. As Thailand is an open land, there are many types of people here. Tourists always complain about Thai people. I guess it is because where those tourists can go(where locals can speak English a little bit like Pattaya)will be places of locals who want money and think that all foreigners are rich and willing to pay for them. However, there are so many places where locals can’t speak English but they are nice and welcome. The problem is most of the tourists can’t go or don’t even know where they are. They are, of course, not places that Government have supplied some services for tourists.

    1. I think you don’t have to be that mean…you know? I guess it hurts Thai citizens. It’s just because Thailand is old. It’s not too new. Plus, it’s great to be there sometimes. It’s so relaxing (^___^) Although Thailand can look a bit ugly, but it isn’t nice to say that Thailand is stupid right away just because of the ugliness.

      NO OFFENSE to this, but it’s true!

  12. Sorry I didn’t use my real name. First off, I agreed with the things you’ve said. But I’m also Thai and its nice to see these comments :’). Actually, I’m not in Thailand or else I won’t be so good at english. I am studying in the Philippines in an international school. But I know you have another page/stories about how much you love Thailand :). Well glad to hear that, I’m not convincing you to love Thailand thought. I even hate my country even though I’m 100% Thai. The people are fighting over those stupid government problems. And these days, Thai people are not good to make friend with. What a horrible country…I love it here in the Philippines because the people are better. Even though I don’t like Thailand, it is still my hometown..But this website tells me a lot how our country should be improved or should I say, “Clean the dirt out of our country”. Thanks for reading :) Bye!

  13. I am a Thai girl.Thai beach is so dirty but in my hometown is not always clean but better than the beach.
    (Sorry for bad English)

  14. I’m THAI and I hate The US , It is very SUCK

    nothing to do.I have been to many country. Thailand
    isn’t best country in the world but I think thailand is better than America

  15. This article just summarizes the things tourists see about the place. I lived in Thailand for seven years, and I’ve moved to greener pastures (Cambodia). The corruption, how the police jail foreigners for no reason, the sheer avarice of the Thai “people” and their money-grabbing ways, their thieving ways, their random drug tests at land borders… I could go on and on and on. Definitely the *worst* country in SE Asia.

    1. There is corruption all over the world. In some countries it is more overt than others. There is likely more corruption in the United States than a majority of South East Asia, it’s just highly covert.

  16. As a 10-year+ resident, I too hate Thailand sometimes, but I’d have to say in your case you get what you pay/plan for.

    Many people who visit Thailand expect it to be dirt cheap, friendly and fair everywhere they go. It’s not like that anywhere else in the world so I’m not sure why it would be here. A healthy amount of caution and skepticism would go a long way to staying on the pleasant side of things. If you’re a nobody from California you have to ask why people from SEA would take an interest in you. I guess you know what the answer is now.

    Characterizing Bangkok as sex trade + temples shows a profound ignorance for the city. The “sex trade” in all of its glory exists in two or three streets and is relatively benign. It’s a tiny and largely ignored part of life in the city (you could find just as much publicly viewable nude dancing in many cities). If you ever come back try getting out of the tourist ghettos and enjoy some of what makes the city great.

    Pro tips:

    1) Rent a car and a driver or hire a foreign guide (not as expensive as you think).
    2) Stay at a 4 or 5 star hotel.
    3) Stick to airplanes for travel (domestic flights are inexpensive).
    4) Research food highlights, make reservations, enjoy. (Try CNNGo or BK for local tips.)
    5) Go to one of the private movie theaters, golf courses or even bowling alleys (all are nice).
    6) Go to a high end spa.
    7) Find someone in your network that actually lives here, get current tips (weather, deals, current restaurants, etc).

    The people of Thailand have generally a positive opinion of foreigners (especially from North America) with one important exception: They don’t like “backpacking trash”. There is no concept of dressing down or “budget” anything in their culture. People generally live/drive/travel as expensively as their income affords them. So while you might consider yourself a normal middle class person from the States who likes to travel “smartly” on a budget they just look down on you. In this culture if you’re looked down on you’re an open target for being taken advantage of.

    Try approaching a stay in Thailand as an upper-middle class Thai person would. It’ll take some research on your part but I think you’ll find it’s not nearly as expensive as you think and the value of what you get is incredible.

    1. Considering you spent so much time with your passionate response, one would think you would be open with your identity. I shouldn’t approve this comment for that reason alone, but I try to be fair and honest and am going to give you the opportunity to reply to my response.

      You jumped to a lot of conclusions in your reply. First, since you have no clue where I went in Thailand, where I stayed in Thailand, and I have uploaded very few photos of my travels around the world or from Thailand, you have no idea what kind of traveler I am. Calling me “backpacking trash” was uncalled for. We actually splurged quite a bit in Thailand and stayed at high end places in Phuket, Koh Pangnan, and Koh Samui. However, that’s irrelevant because it’s clear that you assume all travelers with a backpack are “backpacking trash.” Second, I spent a majority of my time with locals fishing, hanging out, and working while avoiding the “backpacking crowd.” I found a cozy place, fairly remote on Koh Phi Phi and fell in love with the people and the island. So, you might want to check out (as I’ve mentioned multiple times above), the series about the 8 reasons I love Thailand before you rush to judgment. Ironically, it was posted 3 days after this post and is still the top post on my homepage (which you clearly missed). However, completing it has taken a back seat to my start-up company, sadly.

      And, Finally, most of what I wrote above was and is sarcasm. Stuff mentioned above happens all over the world. However, there was a specific reason I wrote this post and I think it has accomplished what I intended (It’s #1 on Google for “hate” and “Thailand”). There are some major problems occurring with the environment of which both Thais and Foreigners are responsible and also corruption. Thankfully, I spent enough time there to get a good idea of what the Thai people, the expats, and travelers think about it. Unfortunately, Thais and expats can’t speak about it in fear of going to jail, by threat of the King. So, I was their venue… upon their request.

      So, with that said, be a man, stand behind your words, and stop jumping to conclusions or your posts will be deleted from this blog.

  17. I often search I hate Thailand – just to remind myself I am not alone. I lived in Thailand for 5 years and loved it. BUT bit by bit I seen the corruption and scams for myself. I was robbed at gunpoint Christmas eve leaving mass and it only got worse from there.
    As I wanted to return to the UK I wanted to rent my house long term, but all the property documents where bought from a corrupt Land Registry office and forged before a corrupt Government Officials who stated they seen me sign documents despite my passport having an exit stamp 2 days earlier. My first solicitor was bribed, by the thief would now had sold my house to a loan shark for a third of it’s worth. My criminal case was won with overwhelming evidence but she was never arrested as the warrant issued by court was not even registered with police after 3 years. When after 3 years and ten of thousands of pounds I finally had my civil case – I lost not on evidence but on a small matter of Thai law. He couldn’t return my house to me as she was still on the forged documents. I was unable to get her taken off as I (and Police couldn’t locate her to sign) I had to pay police to give statements at court as well as all my witnesses. And I have lost my house my future my pension thanks to Thailand and it’s corruption.

    It starts when you step off the plane from Taxi drivers, hotel staff, bar staff, to beach jet ski renters who rob you with the help of the Police there to supposedly protect you. They take your money, break your heart and corrupt your soul forever. Thailand – I HATE you too.

    1. As I mentioned above, this happens everywhere. However, it seems that Thailand’s reputation is in fast decline due to opportunistic vultures (expats and Thai alike). With that said, my intention of writing this post is to point out that people will stop coming if it continues with such haste. And, when the tourists stop coming and the money dries up, there will be even more internal problems in Thailand.

      There are several examples I would like to give. Cancun was actually created in the 70’s (I believe) as a tourist destination by the government of Mexico. They pumped millions into developing it and for many years it was “the destination” for U.S. vacationers. However, greed took over and the strip of hotels along the beach grew to a monstrosity. Environmental impacts have been felt as a result of that and also the hurricane a few years back that literally wiped away most of the white sandy beach. Now, tourism is on the decline and eventually, Cancun will likely become a ghost town. That is unless the government steps in and realizes that they need to find a better balance between encouraging tourism and curbing development.

      Another example, back in the 80’s and 90’s, Daytona Beach was the go-to place for College age spring breakers. It too grew to monstrous proportions. However, in a very short time, Daytona Beach became a ghost town. I went there on spring break in 1995 because I was attending college close by. For us, it was exactly what we were looking for, laid back and not full of people. However, the town suffered immensely. There were abandoned buildings everywhere.

      The list goes on and on… Coco Beach, FL… etc.

      My hope is that Thailand can learn from these real world examples. And, instead of being opportunistic and only caring about the here and now… that they look towards their future. Cancun, Daytona Beach, Coco Beach have nothing on Thailand’s natural beauty. My fear is that environmentally and economically they will not recover if Thailand becomes “yesterday’s destination.” And, Phi Phi is nearly there. It is so overbuilt and cannot handle what it has become. Sewage disposal, water sanitation issues, pollution, and trash are quickly destroying that place. I encourage all Thai’s and expats alike to look at the future and not simply what is lining their pocketbooks today. Their children’s future and their countries environmental health is truly on the line.

      1. I recently started a job in Thailand at a university (my wife is Thai). I had spent many months here as a tourist before but looking at things as a long term visitor/resident makes me feel depressed. Scams can be a big problem if you are a short term visitor, I bet you got smarter by the end of your stay, but I dare you to go to Egypt. I spent there 2 days as a layover last month but I learnt enough about corruption and racial hatred for a lifetime. Thailand is relatively safe if you stay away from the tourist places and you have Thais to help you out with officials.

        [comment edited by Jenneil due to religious/racial bigotry]

        1. I’ve also been scammed in Vietnam and other places around the world prior to visiting Thailand. I think what throws newcomers is the reputation Thai’s have. They have a long history of being very friendly and warm. So, some travelers are definitely not prepared for it. As a long time traveler, I was well aware in advance of many of the scams or knew where to check before diving in. My post above was more sarcastic than anything regarding our scams… To me the important part of the post is the environmental issues and corruption.

          1. My name’s Hailey and I’m from the US. I think you’re right, Jenneil.
            Thailand is ugly sometimes, but Thailand is also beautiful to me too. I call this something like a ”dark spot”. Every country has a ”dark spot”. Even the US has.

  18. I read most of the posts and I agree on that Thailand does suck sometimes mostly because everything is fake and there only after our money. Ive been here for 4 years and gotta say thai should feel lucky to live here. its more difficult for forighners in any country. im a teacher which i am gettingtired of but i thinkim still looking for my dream job where i dont like talk. god dam i think there are easyer sinse most foreigers spend allot of money but i guess getting stuck here after and teaching just to get by.

  19. I do not like people in Bangkok, I go every selfish I know some of them are very slim enough government of Thailand made ​​it what it was that he only be protested own have what I call it, but also that the government has. the other one is just stupid people mocking countries like Thailand.(I love Thailand)………………….I was in Thailand.

  20. I totally agree with you Jenneil. I got scammed by most people, from the taxi driver to the waiter to the tour operator! To tell the truth I didn’t expect it at all from all the things I heard about Thailand, and that is my mistake.

    I also paid the 20 baht fee to keep Phi Phi clean, but I have never seen a dirtier beach in my entire life! (and I live in Africa where it can get pretty dirty)

    Lastly I enjoyed the Thai food tremendously and thought the snorkelling was out of this world. If I did some proper research beforehand I could probably have avoided some of the scamming and price fixing and have a great trip to the less commercialised places…

    My recommendation? If you want to go to Thailand, rather go to Vietnam or Malaysia! You won’t regret it….

  21. I have a couple friend who had been in Mexico, one said it was so wonderful trip, but the other said it was so bad trip, They went there together but why they had such different experience. Maybe country is not a real problem.

  22. The points in the article are all completely legitimate. I first came to Thailand in 1987 and absolutely loved it, with the nicest, friendliest, coolest people in the world.

    Unfortunately it has changed a bit since then with a massive increase in tourism, and with Thai culture becoming more exposed to and influenced by the global culture. Thais have become more like, though not worse than, people everywhere else.

    Still, there are few places I’d rather spend time in, I just don’t enjoy it as much as I used to. This is the modern world we live in.

  23. I am from Taiwan and working in Thailand about a year. I had good impression in Thailand from the beginning because people are always smile to you but after I tried to make friends with Thais. I am totally upset.
    One of my Thai friend asked money from me because his mom needs an operation for eyes but after he took my money. He ran away and traveled many countries for fun that is quite sad for me. There are some Thais try to take advantages from foreigners and when they want to borrow your money, they will tell you a big accident happen in their life. Be aware of this!

  24. All tourists are suck in, it doesn’t matter where do you go? I went to Europe, taxi, street vendor and other try to get advantage from tourist like me. May be they saw me as a dumb. Well bros, joint the club.

  25. Hi guy’s i’v lived in thailand for 7 years now on an island called koh tao. I came ere for a 2 week holiday and sold up in england to live ere. Im not an old pervert looking for a young thai girl im ere for the love of the place. Yes some times its a bit rough with the standards and the scams but remember thai people do not have nhs or the dole and the rest of the hand outs that england and other countrys have. So they have to do what they can to feed them and there familys. Alot of thai people are not educated in the things we are but they are willing to learn and work hard for the little wage they get. There are good and bad in all countrys but the thai people i know will always help if you need it. So try the none tourist parts. Good luck with the traving and come see us in koh tao..

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