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As I mentioned in a previous post, Kamiliun Bags is holding a “A bAG fOr yOUr sTORy” competition. The winner will have their “dream” bag custom made for free. And, from what I have gathered, Kamiliun Bags intends to offer the winning backpack for sale on their website. Somehow, I was chosen as one of three finalists. The winner will be selected on July 30, 2010, based upon the number of “likes” their story or their wall posts receive on Facebook.

Our submissions vary greatly, as do our “dream” bags. Justin Carter would like a well-rounded sports bag; whereas, Andrew Mason is looking for a sturdy longboard skateboard backpack. I, on the other hand, am in desperate need of a hybrid backpack (a.k.a. Flashpack) for our world trip.

Kamiliun Bag’s Competition Finalists

Jenneil Parks

Justin Carter

Andrew Mason

As I mentioned in my submission post/story, there is a huge void in the world of internal-frame backpacks for electronic gear. Either you can carry two packs, one for electronics and one for the rest of your stuff, or you can take the risk and stuff your electronic gear into an open internal-frame hiker pack and keep your fingers crossed that nothing gets broken. If you are a fellow Flashpacker, and are in need of the perfect world travel backpack for your precious gear and clothing, then head over to my Facebook page to ensure a backpack company finally makes one by submitting your vote on my wall. If I win, we as a community win!

(To submit your vote you can either go to Kamiliun’s page on Facebook and click “like” on the story of your choice, but you have to be their friend to do so. Or, you can go to my Facebook wall and click “like” on any of the wall posts that have the Kamiliun Bag story, and you do not have to be my friend to do so)

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