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Travel Blog Template Winner at 99designs

Over the past few months I have entered and hosted contests on 99designs.com*. Although I have never won a competition, I was selected as a finalist twice and greatly improved my logo building skills over the course of several weeks by entering nearly 40 competitions. At the beginning of April, I launched a contest for a travel blog template. It was an interesting process and was definitely worth the investment. I met some amazing designers and the crowdsourcing feature of 99designs is a great way to discover new designers and learn modern design techniques if you are a designer yourself.

Travel Blog Template Winner at 99designs

The homepage of the winning design can be seen here and the blog page here.

I will be creating more travel related templates in the near future by using their 1-to-1 projects and working with some of the amazing designers I worked with on this project. Although I don’t want to give away too much, we have some big plans here at Hello, Meet World and at haqpak.com and I will be posting more about it soon.

Want a new logo made? Host a Design Contest* yourself at 99designs. Are you a designer? Test your design skills by entering a competition.*

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