Join Nomad Courier: Open Call for Applications


We are launching a new website called the Nomad Courier where 7 Nomads will be sharing their custom Postcards from Around the World. We are looking to complete the Nomad Courier team and need 4 more qualified candidates before we officially launch the site.

What is Nomad Courier?

Nomad Courier is a unique community travel blog. Our team of nomads travel the globe taking inspiring photos along the way. We turn those photos into custom postcards to share with the World in a mini-blog style at Nomad Courier.

Why Should I Join?

  • Be a part of a new and exciting travel blog community
  • Drive more traffic to your own site. Each postcard you submit will show your website and twitter id. And, a direct link to your site will be included within every post.
  • The commitment is minimal
  • Each of your posts will also include one affiliate link of your choice, with all profits from that link going directly to you (Text links only at this time)
  • 50% of all additional revenue generated on Nomad Courier will be split among the 7 team members
  • As a team member, you will have a voice in site management

What Else?

  • A dedicated Nomad Courier email address is available for all team members
  • Each team member will have their own Nomad Courier icon created which will be displayed on the icon bar, on each post, and on every postcard. Please submit a high quality headshot with a plain background (minimum dimensions 250×250)
  • Each team member will have a short biography on the About page with links to their website and Twitter id
  • You can select a unique font for your postcard text to distinguish you from the other team members.
  • Individual customization of the postcard template is possible, with some limitations.

What is Required of a Team Member?

  • There are only 7 team member spots available, so dedication is essential
  • New Team members must be active travelers and be traveling (unless you are on a brief hiatus)
  • Team members must be willing to submit 1-4 postcards each month

Postcard Guidelines

  • Each photo must be taken by you
  • No stock photography allowed (i.e. you must submit original work, not the work of others)
  • Minimum Photo Size: 800×600 (original dimensions)
  • We would prefer that photo submissions have not been previously submitted to other publishers.
  • However, all rights to the photos remain with the photographer
  • Postcard text: ~50-100 words

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