Mac Software Bundles for Travel Bloggers and Digital Nomads

StackSocial Name Your Own Price Bundle 2

Two interesting Mac Software Bundles were launched today at Macheist and StackSocial* and I couldn’t resist buying both since they are extremely affordable. These bundles both have apps perfect for the average travel blogger or digital nomad. Macheist is offering the nanoBundle 3 for $9.99 which includes 10 apps, 6 are already unlocked, 2 will likely be unlocked and 2 more that currently appear to be hidden (all MacHeist apps have been unlocked in the past even if goals aren’t met). StackSocial is offering the Name Your Own Price Bundle 2 with 10 apps for about $8. If you pay less than the average, you only get 3 apps, but if you beat the average you will receive all 10 apps. The average price will increase over the duration of the bundle as everyone continues to beat the average, so be sure to buy early to get the best price.

The Stack Social bundle was a no-brainer for me since they are offering Mac Blu-ray Player, Snap Pro X, Crossover 12, PhotoBulk, and Elmedia Player Pro. But, I also jumped at the MacHeist nanoBundle for CleanMyMac2, xScope, Totals and Clarify. However, my fellow bloggers/digital nomads might only be interested in CleanMyMac2 and Clarify. If you sustain your travels with web design and/or development, you might be interested in Totals and xScope. But, then again, if you are a video blogger, you might appreciate iStopMotion.

Stack Social Name Your Own Price Bundle 2:

PhotoBulk iconPhotoBulk: This is a batch photo editor that allows bulk resizing, optimizing and watermarking. This is a no-brainer for travel bloggers.



Snapz Pro X IconSnapz Pro X:
This is one of the best Screen Capture utilities for the Mac. I have been wanting this one for a long time, but couldn’t justify buying it at full price since I am not sure how often I will use it. But, if your blog includes tutorials or video screencasts, or you think you might ever want to do that in the future, you need to buy this bundle now.

elmedia player pro iconElmedia Player Pro:
How many times have you found a great video on Youtube or been invited to a limited time video webcast and didn’t have time to watch it or it is only present for a limited time? Use this app to download the video so you can re-watch that blog webinar later. In addition, this app allows you to play many different video formats on your mac and organize your video files.

link to Crossover 12 product pageCrossover 12:
Crossover allows Mac users to run software that was made for Windows on their Mac without buying a Windows license. I haven’t used this app yet, but I imagine it comes in handy for new Mac users who want to continue using software they had on their PC or if you really want to buy an app, but it is only available for Windows.

Mac Blu-ray Player iconMac Blu-ray Player:
Is it raining in Spain? Sounds like a perfect day to relax and watch a movie. Are they out of the DVD version of the movie you want to see, but have it on Blu-ray? You are in luck…


Disk Tools Pro iconDiskTools Pro:
I have this app already from a previous bundle, but if you have a mac you shouldn’t leave home without it. It not only comes in handy if you experience problems with your Mac, but it can test the status of your drives and predict failures before they occur.


paperless iconPaperless:
Especially important for long-term travelers is digital document management. I already have iDocument, but will be giving this app a test drive to see which I prefer.


MacHeist nanoBundle 3

MacHeist nanoBundle 3

xScope iconxScope:
A measuring and inspecting tool for designers and web developers.



iStop Motion iconiStopMotion:
Are you a video blogger? Why not do something different and publish some stop motion animation and movies?



CleanMyMac iconCleanMyMac2:
I have CleanMyMac 1 and love how it pops up every time I uninstall an app and allows me to find all associated files for a thorough uninstall. CleanMyMac2 also cleans your system, removes the bloat and unnecessary files. Version 2 also adds the ability to clean up your iPhoto library of duplicates and edited photo versions which I look forward to trying.


Clarify iconClarify:
Not interested in using video to explain something? Clarify allows you to use photos to outline or explain it. This is perfect for entrepreneurs, web designers and developers.



Totals icon

Invoice software for freelancers and business which includes inventory management and foreign currency support.



There are several other apps in each bundle that I did not cover, so head over and check out both bundles. You might find something relevant to you and your travels that I missed.

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