Mexican Justice in Chiapas


Yesterday, I witnessed two forms of Mexican Justice that you hear about so often. The first incident occurred while Linda was napping and I was reading on the balcony. A man in a green uniform, who I assume was a police officer, pulled over a car with a male driver and two female passengers. From the moment the male got out of the car and started talking with the police officer, it was obvious he was trying to talk his way out of trouble. The officer appeared uninterested in anything the man was saying and pulled out his ticket book. Another officer who was directing traffic walked towards his compadre to offer assistance, but he waved him away as if he was perfectly capable of handling the situation.

As the male was pleading with the officer, a taxi driver pulled over, got out of his car, and approached the officer. It appeared the male driver knew the taxi driver and he introduced him to the officer as a friend. The taxi driver friend tried to swoon the officer, but the officer was stern and the taxi driver left. For several more minutes, the officer would act like he was writing in his ticket book and would flip pages as if he was trying to find the carbon copy to give to the driver, but he just couldn’t seem to find the right page. Finally, after about ten more minutes, the officer made a call on his cell phone and walked around the corner of the block out of sight. The driver opened his car door and leaned inside asking his passengers for money. The female in the rear, flipped through a wad of money and handed the driver a bill or two. He immediately shoved the money into his pocket and closed the car door. He too walked around the corner and disappeared. A short time later, he got back into the car and drove off.

The second incident we do not even know the outcome and it seemed much more serious than the first. As we were walking home from the bar, of which we can’t remember the name, several people were walking in front of us. We saw two of the guys get detained by the police. Linda later said she saw the two guys holding hands. Since we were merely 20 feet from our hotel when it happened, we rushed up to our balcony to watch. The police had the two guys up against the wall. After a short time, we went back inside fearing we might get in trouble for watching. I regret not staying to see the end result. I feel guilty leaving them in a vulnerable position and wonder what happened. I hope they are OK.

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