RTW Packing List (Draft)


Since we will be departing soon for our trip around the world, I thought it was about time to post my packing list. This version is a “work in progress,” hence the word “draft” in the title. Once we are officially packed and about to depart, I will post the final packing list with all of the goodies, including photos and video.

For now, this is what I have purchased for the trip and will try to STUFF into my backpack (Keep in mind, some of the electronics will likely be carried in Linda’s pack). At the end of the post, you will learn more about why have chosen some of these things.

Since I have included many links in this post, please be advised that all links with an asterisks* are affiliate links

A Custom Designed Kamiliun “Flashpack”

(In July 2010, I won Kamiliun Bag’s bAG foR yOUr sToRy Competition & they are in the process
of designing an awesome pack for the digital nomad. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it
will arrive before I depart. Read more about my original entry & the specs I requested)


Osprey Atmos 50* along with a laptop/DSLR camera daypack

2 Under Armour Catalyst* Tees
2 plain cotton t-shirts
1 Old Navy longsleeve T-shirt
1 pair REI Sahara Convertible pants
1 pair Scottevest travel shorts*
1 pair jeans
3 pair Columbia no-show socks* – Omni-Dry advanced evaporation
3 pair Exofficio Bikini underwear*
2 Bras
1 fleece-lined water/wind resistant jacket
1 pair O’Neill Boardshorts/1 O’Neill Bikini top

1 pair Nike Alvord VI Trail* running shoes
1 pair Vibram FiveFingers KSO*
1 pair flipflops

iPod Touch* 32 GB
MacBook Pro* 13″
Canon EOS Rebel T1i* DSLR Camera
2 lenses
Panasonic Lumix ZS7* (Point & Shoot + HD Video) ***currently on sale at Amazon for 250 ($100 off)***
6 Lexar TwistTurn USB jump Drives*
8+ SD Cards
Lowepro PixelPak* (Memory Card Case)
500 GB Western Digital My Passport* for Mac
LowePro Volta 30* case for HD
1 Plantronics Audio 646 DSP* (Headset for Skype – it feels awkward so I plan to test it before I keep it)
Griffin Headphone Splitter*
Griffin TuneJuice*
Joby Gorrillapod*

REI Multi Towel Lite XL Travel Towel
Eddie Bower micro hand towel w/carabiner
REI Travel Document Organizer
International all-in-one Travel Adapter*
Sea to Summit XBowl* – Travel Bowl
Light My Fire Travel Spork* with cutting edge
Travel wine opener
REI Ducks’s Back Raincover (taking for Osprey Atmos 50 if Kamiliun bag is not ready)
GAP micro shopping bag
Delicates laundry bag to be used as clothing organizer
Embark Inflatable Travel Pillow

2 Molsekine Journals (1 lined/1 unlined)
3 Mini-Sharpies
2 Pens
2-3 mini composition notebooks
The Art of Non-Conformity* by Chris Guillebeau
You will notice I am not taking any travel guides…
(I did not include an affiliate link for the Moleskines , but they are substantially cheaper on Amazon than in the stores)

First Aid Kit/Toiletries (Still working on)
Neosporin to Go
Coppertone Sport Sunscreen
Target Cotton Swab Travel holder
Colgate Folding Travel Toothbrush*
Sea to Summit Trek & Travel Laundry Wash
Dr. Bronners Organic Liquid Soap
Target Hand Sanitizer Gel

Items I Have Not Purchased (Still debating/researching)
lightweight sports shorts
SteriPEN Water Purifier
A DSLR/Laptop backpack if Kamiliun’s “Fashpack” does not arrive in time
Water/Dust proof mini-bag (For the SD cards/USB Drives)

Although it may seem like I will be hauling around a lot of electronics, Linda & I will likely be splitting the electronic gear between both of our packs. But, if Kamiliun’s “Flashpack” arrives before we depart, I will be carrying most of the electronic gear since the pack will be custom designed to hold most of the gear mentioned above.

We bought the Panasonic Lumix ZS7 after tons of research into HD video cameras. I was talking to Brock Groombridge over at Backpack With Brock about what video camera he uses since he blogs entirely in HD video. When he mentioned this camera, I was a bit skeptical since it is primarily a point-and-shoot camera. However, after intensive research, I decided it was perfect for our needs. As I mentioned before, Linda and I like to have photo competitions on the fly. So, for us, it is mandatory that we each have a point-and-shoot camera in our pockets. If we purchased a standalone video camera, we would be hauling around a DSLR, 2 point-and-shoots and a video camera. With the Lumix ZS7, we can eliminate one of the point-and-shoots from our pack altogether. Plus, this camera has the highest average reviews I have ever seen on every site I have researched… How sweet is that?

As for the USB Drives & SD Cards, Linda will also be packing several in addition to those mentioned above. This is part of our photo/video backup strategy. We plan to leave photos on the original SD card they were taken on, copy them to a USB Drive, copy them to a portable HD and upload the best ones to the cloud. Maybe this is overkill, but I really do not want to lose any photos/video on this trip.

Also, you can see photos and more information about the gear we plan to carry on our Gear page. It is in desperate need of updating, but has some good info nonetheless.

Am I taking too much? What is the best travel headset for Skype? Do you have any other tips or recommendations for us? As RTW newbies, we can use all the help we can get…

16 thoughts on “RTW Packing List (Draft)

  1. I’ve not really planned out what I’ll be taking on my trip. I’m not really much of a planner, I usually pack the morning I’m about to leave… not always a good thing. I know that my Macbook, my Lumix GF1 camera and lenses will be a must and beyond that I haven’t really stressed to much about it. I still have a hundred plus days to go… I’ll still probably procrastinate though.

  2. Looks like you’ve got just about everything! If you’ve packed too much, you’ll just ditch stuff along the way- some other traveler will be happy to receive your “extra weight”. Might want to insure that equipment- State Farm will actually replace gear even if it gets lost in a river- anywhere in the world, according to the last agent I worked with.

    One thing I always take is a little Dramamine, Immodium (or the prescription version for that lovely travelers affliction we all encounter from crappy water) and a tooth repair kit for loose fillings/cracked teeth. I’ve never used it, but I ALWAYS take it. You never know- having a quick fix until you can get to a city with a legitimate dentist may take days/weeks. And, a tiny little film canister filled with baking soda- things can get a little stinky- especially those vibrams (do love that you’re bringing them though!) and a little baking soda goes along way. I also use it for deodorant- works better than any natural stuff I’ve ever tried.

    Good luck!! Oh, not sure if I saw Moleskins. Gotta have at least 3-4 moleskins. Several of the smallest, and one decent size with blank pages for those lovely hours of meandering through your thought bubble. And- wax earplugs- PRICELESS- the kind that mold to your ear so you can actually sleep. And very important- the little waist money pouch that hides underneath your clothes. I wear this everyday. And a handful of regular ziplock baggies- cut the tops off. I keep my passport in one when its inside of the waist pouch. Also good to have a few freezer size ones too- for random crap and organization.

    OK, now I want to travel. Enjoy!!! And holler if you have more questions!

  3. I am such a gear geek… I spent days researching the perfect hybrid pack & the Lumix. When it comes to planning the rest of the trip, I really suck at that.

  4. Funny you mentioned State Farm. After reading this post over at Brooks on Break (http://brooksonbreak.com/2010/… I called State Farm and got the run around. The California Agent didn’t want to cover me because I was moving out of my apartment to travel (they were offering renter’s insurance) and my parent’s State Farm Agent in Michigan said he couldn’t cover me because I wasn’t really a Michigan resident even though my mail will be forwarded there. What type of insurance do you get? Is it renter’s or a special name?

    Thanks for the tips on rounding out my first aid kit. I am going to my doctor and travel clinic doctor this week and will be getting Malaria pills and am hoping to get a round of antibiotics to carry with me. I will also be bringing along some advil and Tylenol, but I think I read somewhere that some countries might restrict those… better do some more research.

    Definitely won’t be leaving without my moleskines. I have one for journaling and one to track our expenses and details like that. I am also bringing along those mini-composition books that fit in your pocket.

    Definitely bringing some ziplock baggies… 1 needle & thread… a couple of safety pins…

  5. Oh Jenneil, I am just like you!!! I have do my research and more research and then try to make it all perfect. About planning I used to worry about that at 1st but now I have stopped I only have my 1st two stops planned out and the rest is just a sense of direction that I will be going on and just let the wind take me where ever.

    After reading this it looks like you have everything set out for what you need. Good luck and hope everything goes as planned!!!

  6. Love that you are bringing a spork!! I was very excited to buy one before we left, but I have to admit I’ve not used it once in the last 7.5 months!! (We have a separate set of camping dishes & cutlery though which we’ve used quite a lot!) Other little things that we packed that came in handy more than once: our flashlight, USB cell batteries, Swiss Army Knife, Dry Shampoo from Lush. We also brought some medication (aspirin, paracetamol, ibuprofen, diarrhea relief) which wasn’t a bad idea :-)

  7. Oh yea, my insurance was business insurance. At the time, I had to get insurance for my office space, so I included equipment insurance as well- and it covered gear while traveling. You can try getting biz insurance, just set up a DBA Jenneil Parks or a sole proprietorship for Hello Meet World. I can’t remember if I had to prove my biz status, I have a biz bank account. Very easy to get, both at a big bank or a local. I used to use a major bank for my biz account, but they charged me 11 bucks a month for service fees and it pissed me off. So now I use a small local community bank with free biz accounts. I did have to register my biz with the city, but it costs next to nothing, that will vary based on your location- california might suck for this though. Use Nevada (mini trip to Reno anyone!). Might be a pain in the ass, but, if you’re running your blog as a biz, might as well take the plunge. Hope that helps.

  8. Forgot to add the flashlight to the list. Thanks for the reminder.

    As for the spork, I anticipate we will use ours quite a bit since we plan to shop at the fresh produce markets as much as possible… You should have seen us in Mexico trying to make guacamole in a water bottle we cut in half. It wasn’t pretty.

    I have also considered Lush shampoo bars, but am still trying to figure out hair conditioner options. I have long, thick hair and must have conditioner.

  9. I also had to stop planning so much since it was driving me crazy. Lately I have been focusing on writing instead which helps me relax.

    I think we might have a departure date. Just have to wait on 1 last confirmation regarding Linda’s training. Looks like we may be headed to San Diego for a couple of days before we depart the US. I will be sure to let you know once we book the tickets.

  10. Looks like a good list! What are the benefits of the Fivefingers shoes as opposed to your flip-flops (besides looking really awesome)?

    Thanks for the suggestion on the Panasonic camera. It’s hard to tell from the picture, how big is it? Can it fit into your jeans pocket?

    As for the last comment, go with a headlamp for your flashlight, I love mine!


  11. I remember the first time I backpacked, which was 10 years ago. The only electronic item I brought with me was my camera, which used film. Ahh, how things have changed.

  12. Five fingers are great for any watersports event or for treks that will require you to get wet. you can do just about anything in them, including swimming. the only time they sucked was wadefishing over oysterbeds, but i’m sure most of you won’t be doing this.

  13. Lol. I am not sure how awesome they look. I swear my feet look like a duck in them. I hope the Fivefingers will come in handy when I am playing in the water. Flip flops are great for the beach/showers, but I wanted something that would stay on when exploring the rocky coastlines.

    The panasonic Lumix should fit in your pocket. But, it is a bit thicker and feels a bit heavier than most point-and-shoots, with dimensions of (WHD): 4.1 x 2.4 x 1.3 inches (7.6 ounces with battery and SD card). I suppose if you have tight jeans or pants with small pockets, it might be a squeeze.

    So, you think the headlamp is the way to go?

  14. Exactly what I was thinking. I love my flip flops, but wanted something more versatile to go with my tennis shoes. I researched some sweet sandals made by Keen, but in the end, I didn’t want to haul around shoes that heavy.

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