Travel Bloggers: Get 20 Free Mac Apps over at MacHeist 4


Although the MacHeist bundle is now over, it looks like MacHeist has something new up its sleeve and I will be sure to update you with any new apps perfect for the digital nomad. The bundle included several Mac apps that are perfect for the travel blogger and travelers in general.

(Updated on October 27, 2012: Two new apps added to bundle, I have added 1 to the list of apps for travel bloggers)

(Updated on April 17, 2013: MacHeist has a new nanoBundle)


Below, I have reviewed the Apps that can round out your travel blogging aresenal.

Free Apps:

Bellhop – Finds, books and manages your hotel bookings and has partnered up with Expedia, TripAdvisor,, and TravelNow. You can sort by price, amenities, ratings and can also view ratings and comments from within the app itself. (4.5 out of 5 stars Mac App Store)


NetShade – Anonymous Proxy Software – I used a proxy in Vietnam to stay connected to social networks which were restricted. Although I haven’t tested this software outside the United States, the developers have reported blocking of this proxy service in China, Iran, Bahrain, and parts of the UAE and Pakistan. Through MacHeist, your receive a 1 year subscription.  (not available on Mac App Store)


ImageFramer Lite –  A fast and easy way to add frames your travel photos. The Lite version comes with 500+ different frames. You can compare the Free, Lite, Standard and Pro versions here. (3 out of 5 stars Mac App Store for free version)


AppShelf – Now that you have all these new free apps, this application will help you keep all of their licenses organized and up-to-date. (4 out of 5 stars Mac App Store)


The other free apps include: Favs, Permute, Gemini, Back to the Future, Paint It, NumbNotes, Fractal, Calendar Plus, Sound Converter, Hector, Musicbox, iRehearse, PaintMee Pro, Sam & Max, Wikit, and MacHider.

Paid Bundle Apps:

Scrivener – Want to turn your travel blog or experiences into a book? Scrivener is a perfect tool to organize your writing, whether you use it for organizing blog posts or writing the next NYT Best Seller. This is the Bundle app I am most excited about. (5 out of 5 stars Mac App Store)


HDRtist Pro – Turn your travel photos into beautiful HDR images. This app can create HDR images from multiple exposures, single JPEG images or single RAW images. I have used HDRtist before, but I am looking forward to diving into the Pro version. (4 out of 5 stars Mac App Store)


Evernote Premium – The Bundle includes 15 months of Evernote Premium which costs nearly $60. The advantages of Premium include: offline notebooks for when you do not have an internet connection, larger monthly upload allowance, larger files sizes, shared notebooks for project collaboration, and Optical Character Recognition priority. (4 out of 5 stars Mac App Store)


ArtBoard – Vector-Based Drawing Software which is self-explanatory, but one huge downside at the moment is that you cannot export to .svg format. According to the ArtBoard developer in a post over at the MacHeist forums, .svg export is planned in a future update. (3.5 out of 5 stars Mac App Store)


DiskTools Pro – Hard Drive Utility- Receive S.M.A.R.T. alerts – This disk utility can let you know the status of the drive before a major failure. I wish I had this while traveling and maybe I could have avoided a complete HD failure or at least taken it in for replacement before being stranded for weeks without my mac. (not available on Mac App Store)



Firetask – Project Oriented GTD Task Manager. While I still use The Hit List from the MacHeist 3 Bundle, I can see this being very useful for those who are without a good task management system. They also have accompanying iPad and iPhone apps. (4 out of 5 stars Mac App Store)


Radium – Internet radio in your menu bar – music, news, talk and sports radio from 50 countries and 100 languages. (4 out of 5 stars Mac App Store)



Courier – Upload photos, videos, and files to all your social Networks in one fail swoop: Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr, Tumblr, FTP, Amazon S3. (4 out of 5 stars Mac App Store)


MoneyBag – (Newly Added to the Bundle) What traveler or travel blogger doesn’t need a budgeting app? Although I haven’t used this app yet, the UI is beautiful and they are planning to release an iOS companion app soon. (not available on Mac App Store)


The other paid bundle apps: Bejewelled 3, Jurassic Park Game, PDF Signer, Sam & Max Game, Strong Bad Game, Printopia, MacGourmet, BioShock 2, Braid, Bartender, Painter Lite (by Corel – newly released for MacHeist) and TuneUp.

Referral Bonus (given if someone purchases through your referral link)


CleanMyMac – System Maintenance tool – This app allows you to properly uninstall applications and associated files, deletes unneeded files to free up space on your Hard Drive such as universal binaries and language files, and also can clear system caches and logs. (not available on Mac App Store)

If you would like to help someone by using their referral link, head over to the MacHeist Forums and visit the Referral Thread for a list of people who have not yet received the referral bonus, CleanMyMac.


Don’t forget, when you purchase the bundle, you can choose 1 charity below to receive 25% of your purchase amount or elect to have your charity contribution split amongst all 10 charities.

Action Against Hunger
The Foundation for Aids Research
Friends of the Earth
Direct Relief International
Humane Society International
The Nature Conservancy
Save the Children
Global Fund for Women
Cancer Research Institute
World Wildlife Fund

Bundle Summary

Although I’m not profoundly excited about the apps in the MacHeist 4 Bundle or Loot, the price point of this bundle is so low it’s silly to pass up. If you are a new mac user, there are many apps in this bundle that can help build your blogging workflow and some disk and maintenance utilities every Mac owner should have. If you are a Pro Mac user or a PC user, you can still benefit from the 50% discount on Evernote Premium, if that is all you end up using from this bundle. So, head over to MacHeist to get your Free Apps and/or buy the Bundle.

Coming soon: a review of the Mac and iOS apps I use while traveling and blogging.

(Disclosures: There are no affiliate links in this post)

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