Travel Tweet Roundup 1


I figured it was about time to lighten it up around here by featuring the first Travel Tweet Roundup.

What is the Travel Tweet Roundup?

Over the past few months, I have been saving the funny tweets I have encountered within the Twitter travel community. Although I am sure more humorous tweets have chirped up during my Twitter absences, here are the ones that made me laugh out loud.

1) @Airtreks

“Can you imagine a giant pillowfight breaking out during your flight? It happened, take a look:

2) @stretchdnick

“You know you have a cool mom when you ask her to edit a post titled “don’t be a hooker” and she doesn’t even flinch.”

3) @TheTravelTart

“Nuns to host annual surfing contest

4) @mobilelawyer

“he’d be glad to hear is described that way ;) RT @adventurouskate Pfffft. I don’t need booze to appreciate quality entertainment!”

5) @AliAdventures7

“Someone just found my blog by searching “las vegas strippers” Awesome”

6) @gran_tourismo

“OMG the rain is so loud I can’t hear myself think. I wonder if the sloth in the tree has an umbrella… ^LD”

7) @adventurouskate

“OOH! Someone googled “Carmen Sandiego alcoholic themed drink” and found my site — I want one!!”

8) @melanierenzulli

“How weird is this? My gmail does not recognize the word “google” as a verb! Annoying…”

9) @Ujjwal_krishna

“I’ve found the perfect weight-loss system for Americans. Convert to the metric system and lose half your weight in just seconds”

10) @TrailofAnts

This tweet by Trail of Ants was part of a twitter campaign. Every time a blogger signed up to be listed in the T-Bag Travel Blog Directory he tweeted a uniquely humorous tweet similar to the tweet above. Ant, love your tweets man!

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  1. Um, yeah that was the plan for me too… get in shape before rtw… Not sure that will happen at this point though since our departure date is much sooner than expected. Wish you better luck than I, in that regard :)

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