Welcome Back to Chiapas


One day and a bottle of tequila later, we are sitting in an italian coffee shop in San Cristobal, Chiapas. I am sipping on an Americana and Linda a camomile tea. She is still sick and the tequila probably didn’t help. Last night, we sat and talked with two French guys at the hostel about American politics. They seem to think that a new U.S. president could improve our situation in the world. I suppose optimism doesn’t hurt, but it cannot be of the blind or naive variety.

We ate at a restaurant last night called Miura. Their specialty is carne and the walls are decorated with bullfighting awards and branding symbols. The ensalada was definitely an interesting experience. It contained many things I am not familiar with, but was good nonetheless. The carne is all you can eat and they will bring you whatever you want hot off the grill. The bistek (asada) was better than average, but their rib eye was to die for. It reminded me of the meat from the carniceria that we often grill in the summer.

We are trying to change hotels since the “Posada Mexico Hostel” is too expensive for what it offers. We paid $28 USD for a small room, hard beds, and outdoor toilets/showers. There are many hotels in San Cristobal with bathrooms in each room and better amenities for around $20 USD. We found a different hostel which is only $13 USD per night which has private bathrooms located indoors and free breakfast so we placed a hold on the room (Dona Rosita Hostel).

At this point, I am looking forward to going to the mercado to get some cheap fresh food and veggies! (Here is a list of what we purchased at the market for approximately $10 USD – click on the photo to the left for large view of list)

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